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A greater percentage of veterans (64%) than nonveterans (48%) were sentenced for violent offenses. An estimated 43% of veterans and 55% of nonveterans in prison had four or more prior arrests.


We have partnered with the Midlands Community Foundation.  This means that your financial gifts are tax advantaged to the full extent of the law. VLSN is continuing to work towards our own 501(c)(3) designation over the next several months. We will continue to partner with MCF for an indefinite period to take advantage of their organizational expertise, technical reporting, and knowledge of the Nebraska philanthropic community. This partnership with MCF allows us to focus on the organizational growth and health of VLSN while maintaining professional reporting requirements expected by our donors and grantors.


MCF SideLogoTagIf you would like to donate to VLSN, please go to midlandscommunity.org. Then go to the upper right-hand corner and click on “Donate Now” button in red. From there go to MCF Designated Funds and scroll down to VLSN and click on it. Keep going down to the yellow “Donate” button and it will take you to the payment page.


During the month of December, MCF is matching gifts to organizations. This program will be open until Jan 4th, 2016. This allows your dollars to work even harder helping veterans and their families work through the legal system.


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Omaha Gives!

Omaha Gives! is a community charitable challenge to benefit metro-area nonprofits. You can participate in this give-together with a minimum gift of only $10. Midnight to midnight on May 25, we’ve also got hourly drawings, prizes, and bonus dollars to boost your gifts. So gather your circles, schedule your gifts, and get ready to cheer for your favorite nonprofit – VLSN!



THANK YOU for any gift you can make to help us support veterans and their families.

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