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August 2016  VLSN has now been litigating in the courthouses in Douglas and Sarpy County. We have had 2 cases dismissed in our clients favor and one settled with a satisfied client from out of state. While the amounts weren’t large by some measures, they were extremely important for our veteran families who can now use their money on their families instead of litigation or damages and court costs. Our preference remains to use volunteer attorneys to assist our clients, but in the meantime, we want you all to know that we litigate if necessary.
June 2016 Mick recently returned from Washington D.C. where VLSN assisted a Marine in fighting a Physical Evaluation Board evaluation that had lowered his disability rating to 10%, threatening him with losing all retirement benefits, to include medical benefits for himself and his family. Joining with his government attorney and licensed counselor, his team was able to convince the board of his medical needs as they approved a medical retirement at 40% for his TBI.
February 2016 Mick has been working with a multitude of interested veteran’s advocates to help bring about Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) to Nebraska. This bill, LB 915, will allow Douglas County (Omaha) to create a three year pilot program for Veterans Treatment Courts here in Nebraska. These programs have shown success around the nation in reducing recidivism, taking accountability for actions, and healing for the veterans who are in legal need. This is huge step forward for veterans in our state and we hope everyone will take the time to become more knowledgeable on the subject and the proposal as well. VLSN is entering its third month of working with veterans who are housed in the Veterans Module in the Douglas County Corrections facility in Omaha. We are one part of a dedicated group of service providers that know that these incarcerated veterans have more that they can do for themselves and their country. Please watch for more here and on our Facebook page as we continue our mission to provide legal support to address the unmet legal needs of veterans and their family members who have supported this great nation.

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